Acquaintance on the Internet.

On the Internet, all the same first stages of acquaintance are somewhat modified. How does this affect the psychology of dating?

In real life, when we meet, we almost always cannot avoid the first glance at each other. On the Internet, photographs caress our eyes. On different dating sites, posting a photo can be optional or a prerequisite. Usually, the more serious the resource, the more stringent conditions of moderation withstand the publication of images, which allows you to be sure: in the profile of the person you are interested in, you will see his photo  you will be able to see his face, the picture will really be him, and not a drawn “avatar” and not the goalkeeper of the Italian national team on football Gian Luigi Buffon, the image will not contain advertising and indecent, offensive material.

Cons: Different people are photogenic in different ways. Someone turns out better than in life, and someone does not look like himself. Many, obeying the natural desire to attract attention, are addicted to photoshop.

Pros: in life, we often find it uncomfortable to look at people openly, as it is unpleasant for us ourselves when strangers shamelessly "stare" at us. When we meet on the Web, comfortably sitting in our favorite chair at the computer, in slippers and a dressing gown, with a mug of tea, we can look at the photo for as long as we like. At least under a magnifying glass.